We look after all of your medical billing and IFC related needs. Our reports can go direct to your accountant.

Billing Services include:

    • Invoicing

Your billing sheet data is entered into our software, then checked by another person.  We electronically verify that patient, Medicare and health fund details are correct prior to sending claims.

Correct, verified claims are sent electronically when possible to health funds and Medicare using ECLIPSE; or directly to the patients. Most ECLIPSE claims are paid within 3-5 days.

Missing or incorrect information is followed up by our team, corrected and then invoiced.

      • Receipting

        We provide receipts for all patient payments to allow them to claim rebates from Medicare and their funds (when applicable).

      • Banking

We receive all cheques on behalf of our clients and we deposit them into your nominated bank account along with EFT and credit card payments.

      • Debt follow-up & collections

Patients are sent an initial invoice – and if not paid, they are sent three subsequent reminders to pay.  All unpaid invoices are followed up by several personal phone calls to obtain payment.  A tiny proportion of our accounts are handed over to a debt collecting agency (with our client’s consent) if the above fails to result in payment.

      • Reporting

You will receive a package of reports every month.  This will allow you to:

– reconcile all payments with your bank statement

– confirm that all accounts have been entered in our system

– know the status of unpaid invoices

– confirm which accounts have been finalised.

Informed Financial Consent & Prepayment services include:

      • Calculating a fee estimate if required

We calculate the patient’s fee based on expected item numbers and duration.

  • Contacting patient to obtain IFC

Patients are usually contacted by phone to be advised of the expected fee and possible variations, and to give them an opportunity to ask any questions. We then send the same information in writing to the patient and obtain written confirmation from them of their consent.

  • Obtaining prepayments

When requested, our team will contact patients to obtain payment for our doctors prior to their procedures.  We recommend prepayments for certain types of patients or procedures including cosmetic procedures, bariatric weight loss procedures, uninsured patients and minors.

  • Reporting to doctor prior to list

We report back to our doctors prior to their list to advise them which patients have consented/paid, and with any other relevant information obtained (including medical history/conditions).

For further details on how we provide you with great service, please download our one page Service Information Sheet.

Advice for new specialists

We understand that for many of our clients, private practice is completely new.  We take the time to explain the intricacies and anomolies of billing to them.  Our doctors rely on our wealth of experience for many of the new, tricky and sticky situations that private practice throws at them.

Our advice is friendly, free and is only a phone call or email away.

Service Standard:

We pride ourselves on our exceptional level of personalised service. To this end, we aim to respond to all emailed inquiries within 24 hours, and telephone inquiries on the spot when possible. We also make ourselves available outside normal office hours to cater to the work schedules of our anaesthetists and medical specialists.

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